Bucket List

Today I went to Blue Spring, a Florida State Park, I and had a blast!  Me and my boyfriend kayaked and saw beautiful land that had not been roughed by man for years! It was so beautiful! It was a wildlife preservation and rescue for manatees.  We actually saw them!  They were amazing – so fat and doughy, yet swam so gracefully!


It’s been a dream of mine to travel the world, and I have traveled some, but recently I have been even more curious about traveling here in my own country.  A year ago I took a road trip from Kentucky to Los Angeles, and that was the best vacation of my life.  I never knew how much beauty was out there.  After today I want to make it a goal to visit each of the 58 national parks!  And because I want the whole world to experience this beauty, I’m going to start posting you tube videos for y’all which I’ll share on my blog!  So stay tuned, and enjoy!

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