Look at my new hat for grumbage.

Only had it for 2 weeks, and my dog ate mine. Ha!  So now I’ve got to order a new one.  …You should too! :)

Yep, in case you haven’t heard, I have started my own t-shirt brand.  Not only do I model these t-shirts, but I design them too.  The blue mermaid design (shown in the ad to the right) is one of my best sellers!

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  • I am from Ecuador and here we see the series has great acojida antm and we wanted to earn your congratulations on your own as I buy

  • kathy:

    Keep on modeling your were great ,.

  • K.o:

    hi laura i from VietNam…i’m big fan you…i love you Laura…:x:X:X

  • Triv.*:

    Hey girl,

    Long time no see! I was looking through facebook at friends from high school and I came across yours. I’m so proud of you Laura really! Look at you! It’s so amazing to see you famous, you deserve it. You were always a great friend and an amazing person to be around. I wish you the best Hun.


  • Paula:

    Hi Laura,

    my name is Paula and I’m from Brazil, I watched every season of ANTM and that you participated in two (cycle 13 and all-stars), I really liked his personality, his way, and was hoping you win all-stars, until I cried when you were eliminated. In one episode, you say you have a blog so I ended up looking for it and really liked it! I hope you’re giving it all right with you and your dreams! I will keep following your blog!


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Grumbage is a new urban hip t-shirt brand made and designed by Top Model Laura Kirkpatrick. It's never just another T-shirt! Each design is personally made by Laura - every shirt is made to be fashionable and comfy!
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