It’s finally here!

Laura Kirkpatrick

Laura Kirkpatrick

Hey y’all,

I am so excited I can’t believe it is really here! It has felt so unreal for so long. I tried out in hopes to become Americas Next Top Model, and starting this Wednesday on The CW I actually get the chance as I made the top 14 girls! I’ve always been a little country girl with big dreams. I see the promos and commercials for ANTM and freak out because I can hardly believe it’s going to be me on TV. I hold my breath until it’s over. I don’t know what I am going to do every week when I watch the show on Wednesday’s – I don’t believe I can hold my breath that long! My dad is even worse than me though. I hate going out with him because he gets so excited and he wants to tell everyone and that includes strangers! It’s embarrassing when he brags all the time, I believe he’s the world proudest dad. I can’t wait to watch ANTM with my family on and I want to thank everyone who has supported me so far and everyone who will read my blog weekly! Although it will be a bit of a challenge since I am dyslexic, I will have weekly blogs posted here every Thursday with my thoughts on the previous night’s episode and photo shoot, challenge and judges panel with my thoughts hearing some of the comments about me that I am hearing for the first time.

I believe watching America’s Next Top Model will be very emotional for me. I know there will be a lot of “cat-iness” behind each other’s back that will be hard to watch. It will obviously be so personal for me, so everything will be all that more emotional – more sad, more funny. So we will see how things go!

Yesterday I went to The CW Kentucky station and had an interview with anchors Bill and Stacy. It actually wasn’t as stressful as I thought it would be. Everyone was really nice and excited. I felt like someone told me a big secret getting to see all the behind the scenes camera work at the studio for the interview. I hope I did well enough on the interview, I worried because I get so nervous I just pray to get words out let alone the right words to form a sentence. I also got to meet our state Governor yesterday, and I couldn’t believe our governor would have been so laid back and nice – just like an everyday person. It was quite the exciting day for me, I felt I did so much already and it wasn’t even 1:00 pm! Once again my dad was uncontrollable about bragging and taking pictures of me. Thanks dad for embarrassing me in front of the Governor. Lol

Today is a big day for me, as tonight at 8pm will be the first time I will see myself on TV as a part of America’s Next Top Model. I don’t have a TV at my place so I have to go to my dads, but we are having a viewing party tonight at the Stanford Country Club since it is also my little brother’s birthday. So shhhh, don’t tell him the party isn’t for him. Ha! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JERM!!

Leave your comments on what you think of tonight’s premiere episode of America’s Next Top Model, and check back here every Thursday to see my new blog. Talk to you soon!

Love, Laura

28 Responses to “It’s finally here!”

  • dquac:

    goodluck laura… i will join everyone in praying that you win this cycle… keep it up… and god bless you… i hope that God’s grace be with you always…

  • Jonathan:

    Hey honey whats going on not alot here I was siting this morning listing to you on the radio you sound Like a very Intresting girl to me Im also from Lincoln co. Im from the Waynesburg area so if you would Like to chat more you can reach me at my email add here Ill give that to you as well But you seem Like a Nice and very sweet young lady Im 24 years Old single I do Not Drink or party or do any drugs of any kind and if you would Liek you can contact me at thank you for your time and God Bless Jonathan

  • Tabitha Ramsey:

    Laura, I am so very proud of you. I remember babysitting you and Hannah back in the day when you all used to live next door to me. I am very proud of you chasing after your dreams. I hope everything goes well and you get everything that you want. Im watching your second lovely tv debut now! :) Good Luck!!

  • Ashley Lawrence:

    Congrats Laura! It feels like just yesterday we were sitting beside each other in class cutting up and now Im watching you on tv! Good luck on everything! I know you will represent us Lincoln Girls well!

  • Bilal:

    Hey Laura, I’m writing from Toronto, Canada. I watched yesterdays episode for the first time since… cycle 5/6 maybe? I really like the idea of using models 5’7 and under. I feel it’s makes it easier for people to relate to you guys. Just wanted to let you know you did a great job and your first pic rocked! I have some questions :) now that you’ve gone through this whole experience, when you watch the episodes on TV do all the “old” emotions you felt start to resurface and if they do is it with the same intensity, or are you able to step back with an “observer’s” eye… kinda like on a dvd commentary? Do you still talk to any of the other girls on the show? Best of luck this season and I’ll be cheering for ya, cheers!

  • Elaine:

    Laura, You did such a great job last night. It was very nice to be able to enjoy the premier with your family. Thanks for letting us share with you. You are a beautiful talented young lady. I am proud to have been your teacher.
    Keep Smiling

  • Grandma:

    Laura I’ve always known that you are special you have lots of charisma and that beautiful smile will take you far, I wish you all the luck in the world, what ever you do always take God with you, I love you.

  • Crystal Ray:

    Laura, Thanks for letting Jacob and I share your experience on America’s next top model. You are a beautiful woman. I hope you go far. Thanks again!

  • Greg&Pam:

    A Big thanks goes to the Stanford Country Club Restaurant Managers, Phil & Elaine Sebastian for letting us use their Catering Business, “Beau Pre’Catering”. We had a wonderful time at the premiere showing of “America’s Next Top Model – Cylce 13″. The food was wonderful and everyone seemed to enjoy the show and time with Laura. Also, thanks to Grandmom Wanda Sue for all her great desserts. Especially thanks to all the Lincoln County family, friends, and fans that came and gave Laura such wonderful support. Laura Sioux Kirkpatrick, your 1st model shoot pic was awesome…We are so proud of you…Love, Dad & Pam

  • Cyndi Sanders:

    Laura…WOW! I knew you would make it “BIG” with your ART someday (drawings, paintings, photography and your creative designs). We just didn’t know how BIG! You are a beautiful young lady, inside and out. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us…I am proud of you! Congratulations, you deserve every success this experience brings to you! Love, Cyndi

  • jodie hill jones:

    Tonight was soo awesome! I think everybody had a great time. Your rock the show!!!

  • April!!!:

    Laura, Im so excited for you, I watched the show and laughed and cried at the same time bc its so crazy! I love the show btw its so cool to know a celebrity!!I could sit and write a book to you but congrats I know you will succeed in anyhting you do best wishes to you!!

    Much Love,

  • Bethany Yocum:

    Hey Laura! Thanks so much for letting me come and share this big night with you, I love Top Model and will be watching and rooting for you every Wednesday!

  • joyce bastin:

    Laura you are absolutely awesome…You outshined the rest. You go girl. I love you

  • Kayla Adington:

    Hey girl! I am so excited!! Me and mom watch ANTM religiously anyways but it is gonna be so much cooler now with you on there!!! I cant wait!! I am so nervous for you even though it is already over with LOL!!! And your dads not the only one… Your aunt Kristy brags about you all the time too!! As a matter of fact she is the one who told me and mom to get on this site and to become a fan of yours on facebook! Good Luck!!

  • Nicki Monnett:

    Brandi and I wanted to Congratulate you on getting on the show and we hope you have a great time. Good luck with your modeling career.

  • Ray:

    Welcome to the blogging world. I am sure that my roommate will likely be following you on the show and with the local connection I will probably check in on it some as well.

  • Greg:

    I am so proud!!!!! Laura Sioux Kirkpatrick – competing in America’s Next Top Model….My little Kentucky model…Go Laura Sioux…Love, Dad

  • Aunt LaDonna:

    Okay, your mother had to walk me through this.I AM SO PROUD OF YOU…Everyone in Kentucky will be there tonight. Love Aunt Bertha

  • Tara Strunk:

    Hey Laura! I just wanted to tell you congrats! I know this has to be huge for you…Im happy for ya. Me and Missy can’t wait to watch the show!

  • Brittany Coffman:

    Laura!! I am so proud of you! You have reached for the stars and grabbed one. Your star is shining bright!I love you so much and words cant explain how wonderful you are. We wish you all the best in the world. I could shout it to the mountain tops how excited I am for you!! Cant wait to see your sparkling personality on t.v. tonight!! Hugs and Kisses to sweetest little country girl I know!!
    Love always, your favorite cuz! Brittany

  • Best wishes from Logue Photography of Danville, seems like only yesterday, you were here to do your senior portraits.

  • Cammy:

    Hey Laura – I am SUPER pumped about tonite! I can imagine u r too! Uh your auntie Kristy is sooooo proud of you! She even told the mailman that comes here at work, to watch u tonight! Lol ! See u tonite!

  • jodie hill jones:

    I’M SOOOO EXCITED!!!! I love you so much and I’m crazy proud of you; I am so inspired by your drive and will to do this and then your courage to go out and make it happen. You seem so meek but you have the heart of a lion; God has blessed you and his light truely shines in you. I know you give him all the glory. Thank you little Jesus; Thank you!

  • Christie:

    Yay! I can’t wait for tonight, I can’t believe I’m going to be watching you on tv, with you in the same room as me!! haha I’m so super excited for you!

  • Hannie bannie:

    Omg!! That was so so good!! I can not wait for tonight I’m gonna cry an laugh just as loud as u I know it! :) love you laurie!! Congrats on makeing ur dreams come Alive and making it possable to bum off u!! Lol jk jk

  • Pamela Roberts Kirkpatrick:

    Way to go Laura Sioux!!! You are a very beautiful and special young lady. Hope you do well in the model world…Lots of luck, love Pam (the awful step-mother) lol…

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