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  • Josephine:

    hi laura,
    I am a Chinese girl. I love you very much!!! You are really pretty and sexy!!! I hope you happy every day!! I will always love you!!!

  • John M. Chan:

    I’m a Chinese boy who loves you.
    I like your country style.You are sex,have fair skin,sweet smile,and large saucy eyes.You are amazing!
    I believed that you will be the next top model when I first saw you on the 13th cycle of ANTM.You just make me crazy.My computer desktop is full of your pictures!I appreciate them.
    I always say that your boyfriend is so lucky with you.And I’ll be very happy if you could reply me.
    Give my best wishes to you,my love,Laura.

  • :)))):

    Hi Laura
    I reallyyyyy love you in ANTM cycle13(I just watched it TT) I’m really sorry you didn’t win
    I’m in love with your personalities<3333
    You are one of my favorite model and you inspired me :)
    I wish I could have a beautiful smile as you :)))

    Lots of love from Thailand<3

  • Pam:

    Hi Laura. I was so glad when I ran across your picture on pinterest tonight. After following a trail from that picture I found this Website loaded with lots of new info about you. I am so glad that you have continued to follow your dream and still model. You are so beautiful you could do so many things. I think you would be good in the entertainment business. One thing for sure is that you should have won AMTM! We would love to see more pictures and know more about your days. I really loved the picture of you and your precious grandma. ………Keep up the good work and Please, please don’t change! That is one of the things you have on the others. There are lots of beautiful young women out there but none like you. Stay you.

  • you wowed me on cycle 17!!!

  • Aleia Harbour:

    Laura we loved you on antm and baby everybody loves a country girl! Keep doing what your doing and you will go far! You’ve got what they all want. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. From one country girl to another!

  • Sam:

    Just rewatched Cycle 13. I was extremely fascinated by your beautiful face, your charming personality as well as your cute accent. I wasn’t fond of Nicole because of her weirdo personality, although she did deliver nice photo shoots. I was rooting for you all the way through the show. I was SOOOOOO sad you lost to Nicole. Anyway, you’ll always be the champion in my heart. Wish you the best on your career.

    Love from China.

  • You may not be the winner, but you’ll always be a winner in our hearts.
    Lots and lots a love from Malaysia!

  • Fatema:

    I’m a big fan of ANTM and I’ve seen practically all the cycles and counting! BUT I’ve never seen another model like you! Hope and pray that you always have a successful career! Lots of love from South Asia! :)

  • Ivy:

    hi Laura, you are my favorite model in the show. sometimes i still watch your cycle. i hope your model career goes well. love you!
    by the way i am Chinese. Many Chinese love you!

  • DJ:

    Hi Laura, I saw you on ANTM All-Stars and my sister loved you! She really wanted you to win and was disappointed when you had to leave. She also got enraged when Angelea turned out pregnant and supposedly stole your chance to win. She really likes you and hopes that you keep on modeling as long as possible!She is also getting your song off of Itunes. It’s really good!

  • DJ:

    Hi Laura, I saw you on ANTM All-Stars and my sister loved you! She really wanted you to win and was disappointed when you had to leave. She also got enraged when Angelea turned out pregnant and supposedly stole your chance to win. She really likes you and hopes that you keep on modeling as long as possible!

  • Regina:

    Hey Laura! Im from Mexico i love you in the cycle 13 I really want you to win but well, then i saw you in cycle 17 and I was like OMG!!!! Its Laura Kirkpatrick again!!! the lovely girl of cycle 13 and I thought ”this timeshe will win” and I supported you all the episodes and i cried when you got out but I hope you have a life full of love hapiness and achievements XOXO

  • Jules:

    Laura! It was such a pleasure to follow your adventures during the ANTM cycles! Good luck to you :) Stay cool and fabulous as you are! xoxo

  • Hi Laura! I really love you in ANTM!(btw i’m a girl hehe)
    I Hope your modeling will become a success. Goodluck! LOVE YOU!
    please don’t change stay bubbly and humble.

  • Hi! You are very very good model!! I like u! You are very good girl… Be happy! Bye bye!

  • Tinu:

    hey laura..I’am from India and i love you so much in the show.You have a superb personalty…Keep Rocking :)))

  • Kelly Goodley:

    What are you doing now?

  • Sasuke:

    Keep going!

  • Rania:

    I love u Lauraaaaaaaaaaaaaa. You are an angle

  • Zoe:

    Hi Laure!!!!!!!!I am from Taiwan
    I just want to say:I love u!!!!!!!!I just want to be like you
    you are such a sweet girl

  • Anonymous:


  • Simon:

    Hi Laura, many hellos from Ireland! Sorry it didn’t work out on All-Stars but it gave me and my boyfriend another chance to root for you every episode and we wish you all the very best for the future. A little gem like you is bound to succeed in everything she puts her mind to x :)

  • 嘿 加油 不知道说什么 就这两个字好拉 ^^

  • Sami:

    Just want to say how inspirational you are, keep your roots with you at all times, it’s your southern charm that people love about you plus you do take great pics..
    :-) x

  • uly:

    laura, you’re so beautiful. love your picture so much, and your song “Southern Sweet Girl”, I love this song so much..

  • Laara:

    You look like Maculay Culkin – dont be mad or something, i think, he looks very good, and so do you :)

  • Anonymous:

    you are so lovable

  • Renata:

    Olá Laura lindaaaaa!!!!! Sou de Portugal e como outras pessoas ja comentaram o ANTM terminou essa semana aki, fiquei muito muito triste pq tinha a certeza q tu ia ganhar, mas infelizmente isso não aconteceu. acompanhei todo o concurso e achei injusto o resultado. Mas tu tem uma estrela dentro de ti sempre a brilhar com toda a de certeza com o seu carisma e humildade vai conseguir tudo o q quiser da sua vida! Te desejo tudo de melhor pois merece um bjinhux muito grande!!!!!!!!!!! SUCESSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  • Madalena:

    I believe u should won!!!you’re beutiful
    love Portuguese/Sintra fans

  • Beatriz Fernandes:

    i Laura!! I don’t know if you will read this someday, but I want to tell in first that I am very disappointed that you didn’t win America’s Next Top Model. Here in Portugal it ended yesterday.
    But you know, you inspired me, a lot, to follow my dreams. With your personality and your mind I figured it out that is possible be what we want to be. I realized that everything is possible. You’re such an amazing person (and a awesome model!!!) and I wish to you all of the hapiness in the world and all of the things that you want and desire.
    Big kiss

    P.S.: Just a secret: you were my favourite since the beggining of the show.e show ;)

  • Joana Costa:

    Hi Laura! I’m from Portugal and I just finished watching ANTM and I am very dissapointed that you didn’t win. You were perfect on the runaway, really amazing. And your pictures… I wish you all the luck in the world and that you continue fighting for your dreams, you’re an excellent person and it’s great to see that there are still people like you in the world!

  • S H A H A D:

    I’m from middle east and i love you Laura that’s mean you have fans all over the world , you are a great model and an amazing person ..

  • ben tenyson:

    i love you laura, i’m from viet’re my all time fav model

  • Mary in NC:

    I was really hoping you would win, you have an honest sweetness that only a southern girl can have. You were number 1 in my book! I also respect you for keeping your family apart of your life, I see so many people that get a little spotlight and leave their families in the dust. Best of wishes in all that you do!

  • kateanne:

    I feel so bad that you didn’t win Cycle 17. :( I was totally voting for you.You’re a very good model and you can still go farther! Best wishes and lots of love here from the Philippines! Keep smiling. :)

  • Erin:

    Hey Laura,
    I really hope you have a very promising career! I saw you have a fashion show coming soon, I wish I could go see it. You are my hero. By the way I’m eleven years old :)
    <3 erin

  • You are beautiful, Laura. Just a note to say how much I enjoyed you on ANTM… my family comes from the hills too!!! xoxo

  • kelliea:

    laura! i watch antm all the time, and i just wanted to let you know you’re my all time fav! you have such a beautiful heart (from what ive seen lol) and god bless your heart for staying true to yourself and praising Him throughout the competition. i wish you all the best, and i hope your career just blossoms for you. never compromise who you are for who they want you to be. <3 yay for you!! :)

    kelliea from california!

  • NBang:

    Laura should have won cycle 13 and cycle 17. I was rooting for you and Allison.

  • Intan:

    Hi Laura,
    You may not be the winner, but you’ll always be a winner in our hearts.
    Lots and lots a love from Malaysia!

  • hi laura.
    me and my friends r relly into u like crazy.
    wish u more and more beautiful .and became a world real life model.

    love sherry from china.

  • Shada:

    I wish I can view the pictures :( I don’t have java script or adobe flashplayer I’m saving up for a new computer but I still think your an amazing model and you’ve changed sing cycle 13, in a good way :)

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