Missing Greece

This is me in Greece, shortly before I came home.  The ocean was amazing. Breath-taking!

I’m so blessed!


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  • Hi Laura !
    I’m Patrícia and I am from Portugal(so if the english isn’t good…well!).I saw you at ANTM 13 and all stars and I love what you did. I’m a petite model too, so I felt really inspired by you, I mean, you really proved that non-giant models could do a great job.Besides you were always humble- which is something that lacks a lot in this world- so don´t you ever loose it! I hope you continue having success in this business. It was a pitty that you didn’t win the latest competition, but still, it was such a great opportunity to learn!( I wished there was opportunities like that here in portugal, for petite models…) So, all I want to say, is that you’re a great model,and I wish you the best :) Kisses, Patrícia

  • giulyanna:

    Hi Laura,
    I hope you’re well. I am watching ANTM All Stars at the moment (I’m in the UK) and I absolutely love your haircut. My hair is nothing like yours tough (very long, brown, wavy – it used to be curly but now it’s more wavy and messy than anything). But I really wanted to have it cut like yours, with layers and a side fringe (remember a panel when you’re wearing a green skirt and a yellow top? That’s the hair I mean! ). The reason I am writing is that I cannot find a good photo to show the hairdresser! (Unbelievable, right? After so many photoshoots…) Please do you mind posting some of those photos when you’re hair is wavy and you can see all the pretty the layers in your blog? Then, I’ll show it to my cousin who is a hairdresser and he can make me look as pretty as you are! Thanks a lot in advance. Love, Giulyanna

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