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proclmation 298742_260742697287110_1939147_n[1]I’m still proud that each October can be called Dyslexia Month… as of 2 years ago when I started my charity, thanks to the Kentucky governor and lieutenant governor.

This past October members of The Beautiful Minds passed out candy to kids as well as information about Dyslexia to the parents.

We also released the following dyslexia PSA:!/thebeautifulmindsdyslexia

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  • Amazing Im So Proud of you Laura Keep up the Great Work

  • I Support Dyslexia Just because someone has a Handicap of some sort doesn’t mean they can not accomplish Great things in Life Just Look at Laura Kirkpatrick and all she has done in such a short time and always bringing awareness to Dyslexia during all of Top Model competitions She is a Smart Intelligent Beautifully Gorgeous young woman who I hope always follows her Heart and her Dreams Laura Spence Follow your Dreams Laura

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