My new home

Starting a new chapter in my life… I am living in Orlando for the next year or so.  I already have my place, and I’m in love with it!

I’m still going to model! I already have two jobs lined up, and I can’t wait!

I was just driving to Best Buy for a new TV when I got distracted by the sun! :)  It was so beautiful all I could think was:

I’m so blessed!

12 Responses to “My new home”

  • Loved you on both seasons of ANTM! Wished you had won. Welcome to Orlando. It is a fabulously hot and super busy place, but I’m proud to call it home as well.

  • Laura, you have been my very fave in all the years of watching ANTM, I finally had a chance to look up your blog and thrilled you are down in orlando! I moved here to Celebration a few years ago and love it! Have you visited celebration yet? we are just at the southern part of the disney area! :) hope you are loving it here, I’m just listening to some amazing booms of thunder as I read your blog! welcome to town!

  • DeannaK:

    I was just watching Hulu’s America’s Next Top Model All stars and I have to say that I loved your shoots on both of your ANTM seasons. You are such a beautiful and bubbly model and I love the country accent and positive attitude. Never stop being who you are! God Bless and enjoy Florida. Watch out for alligators, I live in Tampa and even in the cities we have them all over!

  • yourphotoprincess:

    just reading about the orlando part. NO WAY!
    what side of town in Orlando?

  • KaZuHiRo:

    Love you Laura! Enjoy Orlando!

  • Annie:

    Keep going Laura! We still love you. :)

  • Laura P:

    Watched reruns of the All-Star cycle of ANTM today (for like the 4th time – I need to get a life, lol!). You are so freaking adorable Laura. Keep us posted on what’s going on in your life in Orlando! You are one of the more down to Earth models and I love that!

  • Dominique:

    I v never been to US but i think your new home must be nice .

  • Jaslin:

    Enjoy living in Orlando Laura! :)

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  • Bev Stamper:

    Don’t be a stranger to your old Kentucky home! Come see me in Berea!

  • timmie:

    enjoy the sun and wear sunscreen

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